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В австралийском племени марту женщины охотятся на мелких животных: ящериц-игуан и змей, которых они выкапывают из нор зимой; а мужчины - на крупную дичь: кенгуру, эму и дроф.

"Why Women Hunt":

Martu, where women hunt extensively and gendered asymmetry in foraging decisions is linked to men’s and women’s different social strategies. Women hunt primarily small, predictable game (lizards) to provision small kin networks, to feed children, and to maintain their cooperative relationships with other women. They trade off large harvests against greater certainty. Men hunt as a political strategy, using a form of “competitive magnanimity” to rise in the ritual hierarchy and demonstrate their capacity to keep sacred knowledge. Resources that can provision the most people with the most meat best fit this strategy, resulting in an emphasis on kangaroo. Men trade off reliable consumption benefits to the hunter’s family for more unpredictable benefits in social standing for the individual hunter. Gender differences in the costs and benefits of engaging in competitive magnanimity structure men’s more risk-prone and women’s more risk-averse foraging decisions.
Women will occasionally hunt bustard and kangaroo but prefer to search for smaller prey, particularly cat, goanna, and snake, which are dug from burrows in the winter after burning large areas of overgrown spinifex grass and in the summer are tracked and chased. Men will sometimes hunt goanna but more often pursue larger, more mobile game.
Asked why none of the ladies wanted to go goanna hunting, Karimarra continued to poke the fire for a long time. Finally she said, They don’t want anyone to call them malya [selfish]. It’s selfish to go get goanna when so many people are visiting. When you go hunting goanna, you just sit and eat it. You only get enough for yourself and the people hunting with you. You might be able to save one, if you’re lucky. You come back here and if people see that you went out for goanna, they’ll say, oh that one, she’s selfish, she only thought about herself, she didn’t think about us hungry people left behind.


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